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Boat Cruise Canal Tour – Enjoy some luxury and relax on the boat tour cruise through Durban Point Waterfront canals
While you relax, have fun and enjoy the tour, learn about some cool history and spot some wonderful marine life.

Guided Tour in Durban Point Waterfront Canals on a pontoon boat 

  • Luxury
  • Fun
  • Educational

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    Directions – Where do I go?

    1.Drive down Mahatma Ghandi road past Ushaka
    2.Turn left onto Browns Road
    3.Drive towards the beach over the canal
    4.Turn left into Ushaka B parking lot
    5,Exit the lot on foot at the Ushaka end
    6. Walk back down Camperdown road, away from the sea towards the canal and the 2 big anchors
    7. You will see to the left the Canal – this is where you need to be

    8. Walk down the stairs and you will see the pontoon boat.
    9. All booked rides must please go directly to the boats.

    Address: 35 Camper Downs Road
    Point Waterfront

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